Focus ST Skid Plate – Vented with oil doors


We offer an option to fit around the TB performance traction bar, there is no change in cost. Standard skid plates do not work with this installed.


Ford Focus ST Skid plate with oil doors

2013-2018 Focus ST skid plate to replace the factory fiber undertray. This skid plate is an all weather solution for those that live in colder climates where snow build up is normal. The factory fiber undertray is known to fall apart after a build up of snow and ice weighs it down and rubs on the ground, the aluminum body of our skid plate will not only hold up to any amount of snow build up but it also uses upgraded hardware that is included with every purchase so as to not fall off after an impact. Built from 1/8″ thick 5052 aluminum these skid plates can take a hit and come back from it without anything other than some scratches. The oil doors are easily removable so as to not remove the entire part like the factory undertray.

Simple tool installation

All hardware included for install

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 29 × 2 in


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